Traffic regulations

Hereby we would like to draw the attention of our road haulier partner to the following regulation on our terminal:

The Highway Code is available for the whole territory of terminal, we kindly asking the adherence of a.m. regulations.

The speed limit is 20 km/h on terminal.

Waiting or parking with car allowed only at car parking places at front of MCC office building. Parking with car is free of charge during the terminal administrative task or meeting. Enter to the terminal with car is strictly PROHIBITED!

Waiting or parking with truck without valid container drop off / pick up loading instructions or permission is PROHIBITED!

Trucks allowed stopping only at checking road gate for administration tasks of pick up / drop off containers. If container cannot be picked up / dropped down, trucks should be wait at dedicated parking places near to the checking gate till the problem will solved. In case of empty container pick up operation, trucks should allowed stopping on terminal near to office building, close to the way-out lane for administration tasks.

Waiting or parking with truck on terminal storage places allowed only at dedicated places, assigned by the loadmasters of terminal keeping to Highway Code.

Waiting or parking with truck on terminal storage places in double lanes, or congest the movements of container handlers is PROHIBITED!

Smoking is allowed only in dedicated places.

To stay within range of the container handlers is PROHIBITED!

Climbing to the container handlers and travelling on handling equipment is PROHIBITED!

To stay under the load or driving under lifted container is PROHIBITED!

Photography is PROHIBITED on the whole territory of terminal.

Littering PROHIBITED. No person shall litter, sweep, lay or throw, any ashes, dirt, garbage, refuse or rubbish of any kind in our terminal.

You should wear high visibility jacket on terminal.

In case of emergency please, call the following phone numbers: +36-1-278-3157, +36-1-278-3232

We kindly ask our partners to keep above mentioned regulations.

Drivers violating a.m. regulations will be warn off.

Thank you for your co-operation!