Customs surveillance

Our terminal offers to manage the following extra, additional services on the containers (FCL/LCL), which arrive to MCC. For ad hoc or itemised customs checking, we are able to provide loading-staff and machines. Similarly, we undertake to unload cargo from shipping container to semi-trailer or load cargo from semi-trailer into shipping container. If you are interested about these services, please send us an e-mail to:

In case of using our trans-loading or customs checking service, please send us your written order to or, one working-day before the operation work should be. In your order, we need the following information:

  • Number of the container
  • Type of the container
  • Type of the customs checking procedure (ad hoc or itemised) and the date of it. In case of the trans-loading, please send us the required day, date.
  • Cargo name
  • Structure & packaging of the cargo (palletised, in bag etc… )
  • In case of after customs checking/trans-loading operation the container will leave our terminal, we need the name of trucker and plate numbers of the truck
  • In case of trans-loading operation, please send us the plate number of the semi-trailer and an order about the empty container drop off procedure
  • Exact name of the ordered services
  • Name of payer company and financial statement

We could offer above mentioned services according to the following terms:

  • We can not undertake the trans-loading and checking of ADR/RID cargo
  • We can not undertake the trans-loading and checking of bulk cargo
  • In case of palletised cargo, we are able to handle it till 2,8 tonnes gross-weight
  • In case of heavy and over-weighted cargo, we use special, forklift truck