Import-Export office routine

MAHART Container Center is offering a one-stop-shop terminal services let it be import or export traffic. In case of import or export loaded containers, our clients should contact with import or export department of terminal, on e-mails or phone numbers mentioned in Contact details menu.

Please note, that the terminal could inform about the status of import or export UTIs only the mandatory client (usually rail operators, shipping companies, container owners) or the client nominated by the mandatory client.

Terminal also kindly ask its clients to always send they orders (release order, or handling in/out order) to the group e-mail addresses ( and at loaded containers; at empty ones). In case of sending release order please, do not forget to inform us about container numbers or release/reference numbers. In case of release order to road please always inform us about container number, truck plate number, estimated dispatching time, and driver’s name. Please, also remember that the opening hours of administration desks in terminal is limited.

Should you have questions about import or export office routine please, contact with us on the following e-mail address: