SOLAS-VGM weighing

The Intemational Maritime Organization (IMO) regulation under the Safety of Life at Sea Convention condition fbr vessel loading. This takes effect from July 1, 2016. On the basis of SOLAS Convention: our terminal provides the opportunity of container weighing to declare the Verified Gross Mass. The measurement accuracy of our weigh-bridge: Ill., verified till 28.06.2020.

We can offer weighing for containers staying on our terminal, or containers under way to our terminal. You can find further details in our THC about rates of SOLAS-VGM weighing. opening hours for SOLAS-VGM weighing. 24 hours 1 7 days a week (except announced closing on Christmas/ NewYearrs/ Easter day). You're kindly requested to send your weighing orders from 6:00 to 18 00 on working days to or according to current status of your container.

You can download the VGM order form from the following link:

VGM form
Click here to download form!

After weighing, MAHART Container Center issues the Container Weighing Certificate about the Verified Gross Mass and sends it as pdf document to Customer.