About us


Budapest Freeport, as one of the biggest and up-to-date port and distribution center of commodities in Europe, was inaugurated in 1928. 40 years after opening ceremony (1969) the first loaded container, which was a 20’ DC SEALAND container was handled into one of Mahart's Danube-seagoing ship. Container terminal – as the part of Freeport - was completed in 1972, but since then its area has continuously been extending.


Assembling one of the first Rail Mounted Gantry crane (GANZ) of Hungary on our terminal.


Barge operation on terminal (Source: Fortepan)


MAHART Container Center Ltd. (short name: M.C.C. Ltd.) is operating its neutral terminal for all client as an independent company from 1998 in Budapest Freeport.


Mahart Container Center could improve its turnover year-by-year in the 90’s and in the past ten years: our terminal handled 86.100 containers (134.800 TEUs) in 2013, while it handled 46.400 containers in 2006, therefore Mahart Container Center had the biggest traffic in Hungary, in 2013. The increasing volume requires a continuous improvement of infrastructure and equipment.


In the beginnings our terminal used one RMG, and some Lancer, Kalmar type container handler equipment on a 39.000 sqm storage area. From 2006, MCC year-by-year improved its equipment, presently our terminal operating on a 104.000 sqm storage area with pretty new, 2-3 years old reachstackers and with the RMG. The new infrastructure and equipment with the 40 years terminal operation experience make our terminal to a significant trimodal HUB in Hungary.

Regarding ownership structure, our terminal is a neutral, Hungarian owned company with the following owners: 

50% HIGH YIELD Zrt.50% WINTCO Kft. 


MCC airport Depot – opening of new depot on BUD Airport